Horoscop scorpio 19 19 october 2019

This season is a brilliant time for dream work and for shining a light on your shadow self so that you can explore your past and your psyche, and begin healing. October opens on an intense note with darling Venus squaring off with your ruling planet Pluto in Capricorn on October 1. A few days later, Pluto ends its retrograde and messenger planet Mercury enters your sign on October 3, marking a big shift in energy around communication.

The atmosphere is especially intense and passionate, but watch out for jealousy and obsessive behavior! Mercury in your sign is helping you see through all the B. Watch out for love triangles! If someone is being difficult, bring in a third party to help mediate the situation. You're fantastic at keeping secrets, but if someone is misbehaving, don't give them more power by allowing them to do it unseen. Action planet Mars enters Libra on October 4, finding you more active at night than usual—make sure to keep a dream journal by your bedside.

This is a powerful time to sit in meditation and to do inner work, including releasing any anger you may have been repressing, through journaling or in therapy. Mars is the warrior planet, and while it's in harmony-seeking Libra, you may feel confused about where to direct your emotions and passions, especially when it comes to your anger. Don't be the scorpion who stings itself: Go to a kickboxing class, or write a letter to someone who wronged you, and then rip it up into little pieces!

Surprising conversations take place in your relationships as Mercury opposes unruly Uranus in Taurus on October 7. Open your mind: Being a free thinker is the best way to use this communicative energy. Besides, many of the conversations you have this month will be reconsidered during Mercury retrograde, which begins at the end of the month. Sexy Venus enters your sign, Scorpio, on October 8, finding you feeling more seductive than usual.

Lately, you've been in a private mood, but Venus in Scorpio will inspire you to show off! Watch out for surprises in your relationships on October 8 when Venus opposes Uranus—if you can keep an open mind, these surprises could be plenty of fun!

Daily Horoscopes: October 8, 12222

Or, you might find that your tastes have changed, and you want something totally new. Uranus is the planet of experimentation, so go ahead and take a risk. This is a powerful time to break bad habits and cross items off your to-do list. A big project is being released into the world! Since Aries is the sign of independence, you're seeking more autonomy in your day-to-day life; this is a lucky time to do so, as the sun and Jupiter—the planet of growth and expansion—make a harmonious connection that bodes especially well for your finances!

Mercury makes a helpful connection with Saturn on October 14, creating a supportive energy for communication and organization. But the sun also clashes with your ruling planet Pluto on October 14, which will challenge you not to be a total control freak. That said, if you're in therapy, this could mean turning an important corner around naming the issues that have been eluding you. Break out your journal if you haven't spent time with it in a while. But it's important to indulge in this, even if there are chores at home awaiting you.

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope: October | qizyreqenuwi.ml

Those can wait til after, especially small things like light bulb changes. As long as they don't leave you in the dark! Taurus, there is a lot to be done and you have the energy to do it today. A friend may need help with something having to do with their home, such as moving or redecorating. Although you can totally do it, the project will probably exhaust you and keep you from finishing your own projects.

Staying aware of your own needs.

Today's Readings for You

Gemini, you are on fire today, especially conversationally. Being around friends and making jokes is where you gravitate towards. You could almost do a stand-up act today, you're that confident in your sense of humor. You're being open with your humor, too, not closing yourself off with it. It'll be difficult to want to do anything else but have fun and see old faces that you've been too busy to see, but it is important to set some time aside to attack those errands and chores. If anything, you'll charm all the store clerks you come across and may get a good deal today!

Cancer, it's a good idea to do the things that make you feel joy today; even if that means not leaving your house all day. Being a little active will do you some good, though, such as taking a walk to the store or something to that effect, but mostly it would be good to just play some games, read some books, or other introverted hobbies you like.

If you're more outdoorsy, and the weather permits, a hike could check all the boxes, where you can spend some time with yourself, but also get some fresh air. Leo, you will feel super positive about today and find yourself moving forward with some back burner house projects that you hadn't thought you'd have time for.

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Everything will go pretty smoothly with only a couple of adjustments and you will feel content and a bit exhausted at the end of it. This might be a more low key Saturday for you. Virgo, today feels especially tingly. You're creating a big project today, something either in your own home or for a friend.

You will most likely be working with someone else and you will enjoy good conversation and a couple of good breaks with delicious food. It will be a fulfilling day as you will feel like you've exhausted your creative and physical capacity as well as your social one. Libra, there is a quiet adventure in your day. You may find that the last minute invites to somewhere you haven't been. It is likely to hold inspiration for future projects. You will enjoy a heart to heart with someone today that you haven't seen in a long time.

There is a possibility for the confusion today, so be careful about making a wrong turn somewhere, either literally or just in conversation. Scorpio, you will find a simple solution to a problem that should change the way your whole day is feeling. You may wake up feeling more tired, but then probably go to sleep feeling bright and ready for life to show you new directions.

You should work on things that focus on your inner growth today. You will have a day that unfolds itself and exposes more and more things to be grateful for.

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  • Sagittarius, there is a likelihood that you have a masterpiece sitting in your head in whatever medium you choose. If you don't fancy yourself as an artist, there's a chance that there is something that you're interested in that's more of a creative outlet than you give it credit for. Be sure to put your hand to whatever you feel like, and that's probably where it will come from.

    Capricorn, you are feeling in tune with yourself today and the best way to celebrate is to do something that makes you feel whole and meditative. Something that relates to your Earth sign like hiking, gardening, or spending time at home tending to your inner sanctuary, will help you feel grounded and help you express yourself. There is a good chance that you will be at a point that invites friends to come to you for advice, but it is okay to stay more secluded today.

    Aquarius, you will find yourself existing in a role where you need to be useful in order to feel like you're being successful today. Don't neglect yourself in favor of seeming like you're helping other people. You are important and you should keep that in mind today. There is a streak of luck in your day so keep that in mind as you go along. You could mostly be doing mundane chores today, but you are likely to find something less boring inside of your day.

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    Pisces, you will be free today to do what you please, though you should be careful of anything that makes you feel restricted or trapped. If there is a chance to go somewhere like an art museum or something along those lines that bring up feelings of inspiration and makes you feel emotional just looking at it, then it's a good idea to go for it.

    Yours. Scorpio October 2019

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