Horoscope january 28 capricorn or capricorn

The Moon enters fellow Water sign Cancer this afternoon, encouraging you to focus on the big picture. The energy is impulsive today, Sagittarius. Be smart about your risks! But do enjoy the brilliant eureka moments that are likely to arrive as well. Want these horoscopes sent straight to your inbox?

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All Times EST. Astrology reveals the effect of planets on Capricorn today.

Capricorn daily horoscope – January 28 12222

Some unexpected and demanding task will come up today, but do not worry. You will handle it very well and will soon earn the praise of everyone. It can be a number of guests visiting unannounced or your boss handing you an assignment in the last minute. Whatever be the situation, you will be able to call up on your reserve and rise to the task.

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You may be in a little arrogant mood today! Conserve all your daring energy for facing odds as you may come across many people trying to challenge your credibility. But if you will get affected by their words, you may need to see a doctor! Better option is to attend some fitness workshop or camp rather than getting into anything!

Love is in the air, love is on the mind.

CAPRICORN Psychic Reading for the week of January 28, 2019

Financial gains will make you happy today. You will have the opportunity to participate in social functions. All your work will get completed as per schedule. You will be able to channel your energy effectively, says Ganesha. Achievement and accomplishment will be the highlights of the day, notes Ganesha. You will be recognised for your devotion to work and determination to succeed at your workplace. Much awaited promotions may come and financial arrears may also reach your hands.

Capricorn Health & Wellness Horoscope

Ganesha says that you will be more careful about your outward appearance and will try to enhance it further. Towards the evening you may impress people around you when you attend a social function. Those of you who are single can put forth a marriage proposal to their beloved today and it will be accepted. Those of you who are married may have a joyous and happy married life. Try adding an entirely new dimension to the way you approach relationships today, advises Ganesha.

Love and Compatibility for January 17 Zodiac

Being tractable will help iron out the creases in relationships with closed ones. But be wary of complete subjugation, warns Ganesha. Confidence-building measures will need to be taken up. Be the herald, and usher in new vigour and confidence in people around you. Your business is set to sky-rocket and a fair share of profits are in the offing, says Ganesha. You love your family and you will try your best to live up to the expectations of your family members.

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If you are student, you will finish up your existing projects and get on with some fresh assignments, foretells Ganesha. Don't block your imagination; give yourself some freedom so that you can test your creativity and talent. You don't let yourself fly too high otherwise you may lose the track of reality. If you're stuck indoors today, make the most of it.